Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tren Crom: April 21, 2015

Rocks at top of Tren Crom

I spend most of my time, however, alone with my God on the moors.  I sat for an hour (perhaps it was ten minutes) on a rock this afternoon, and considered how I should describe the color of the Atlantic.  It has strange shivers of purple and green, but if you call them blushes, you introduce unpleasant associations of red flesh.  I am afraid you have little feeling for nature.  I have seen innumerable things since I came here that would be worth writing down -- "yellow, gorse, and sea--" trees against the sea-- but I should no doubt use so many words wrongly that it would be necessary to write this letter over again.

Panoramic view from Tren Crom, Including Godrevy lighthouse

Letter to Lytton Strachey about her visit to Tren Crom on April 21, 1908 ( L1 327)

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