Sunday, April 26, 2015

Ott: April 26, 2015

With what imperial directness, like that of an artist intolerant of the conventional and the humdrum, she singled out the people she admired for the qualities that she was often the first to detect and champion, and brought together at Bedford Square and then at Garsington, Prime Ministers and painters, Bishops and freethinkers, the famous and the obscure!  Whether she sat at the head of her table against a background of pale yellow and poemegranate, or mused at Garsington

Garsington in 2003

with her embroidery on her lap and undergraduates at her feet, or held on her way down Tottenham Court Road like a Reniassance princess listening to inaudible music while the passers by stared, she created her own world.

From Woolf's obituary for Lady Ottoline Morrell (E6 125)

Woolf learned of Ottoline's death on April 26, 1938

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  1. Is the full obituary online somewhere that you know of? I've been unable to find it.