Saturday, April 11, 2015

Uncertain Spring: April 11, 2015

Bond St. Window
It was an uncertain spring.  The weather, perpetually changing, sent clouds of blue and purple flying over the land.  In the country farmers, looking after fields, were apprehensive; in London umbrellas were opened and then shut by people looking up at the sky.  But in April such weather was to be expected.  Thousands of shop assistants made that remark as they handed neat parcels to ladies in flounced dresses standing on the other side of the counter at Whiteley's and the Army Navy Stores.  Interminable processions of shoppers in the West end, of businessmen in the East, paraded the pavements, like caravans perpetually marching,-- so it seemed to those who had any reason to pause, say, to post a letter, or at a club window in Piccadilly.
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