Friday, April 24, 2015

First Press: April 24, 2015

Hogarth Press at Sissinghurst

Our press arrived on Tuesday.  We unpacked it with enormous excitement, finally with Nelley's help, carried it into the drawing room, set it on its stand-- and discovered it was smashed in half!  It is a great weight, and they never screwed it down; but the shop has probably got a spare part.  Anyhow the arrangement of the type is such a business we shant be ready to start printing directly. One has great blocks of type, which have to be divided into their separate letters, and founts, and then put into the right partitions.  The work of ages, especially when you mix the h's with the n's as I did yesterday.  We get so absorbed we can't stop; I see that real printing will devour one's entire life.

Letter to Vanessa Bell, April 26, 1917 (L2 150)

April 24, 1917: First Press arrives at Hogarth House

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