Thursday, April 30, 2015

Time Passes: April 30, 2015

Yesterday I finished the first part of To the Lighthouse, and today began the second.  I cannot make it out -- here is the most difficult, abstract piece of writing -- I have to give an empty house, no people's characters, the passage of time, all eyeless and featureless with nothing to cling to: well, I rush at it and at once scatter out two pages.  Is it nonsense, is it brilliance?  (AWD 87)
Diary, April 30, 1926
Peaking at Talland House through the garden
Nothing stirred in the drawing-room or on the staircase.  Only through the rusty hinges and swollen sea-moistened woodwork certain airs, detached from the body of the wind (the house was ramshackle after all) crept round the corners and ventured indoors.  Almost one might imagine them, as they entered the drawing-room questioning and wondering, toying with the flap of hanging wall-paper, asking, would it hang much longer, when would it fall?
(TTL  130)

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