Saturday, December 26, 2015

Post Christmas: December 26, 2015

New Forest: Christmas 1906 

Photo by Craig Sargent
For why does the forest always disappoint me? & why does Christmas disappoint me too? Is it not that they both promise something glittering & ruddy & cheerful, & when you have it you find it not quite as good as you expected? The forest is too benign & complaisant; it gives you all that you can ask; but it hints at no more. There are the long green drives, & the tracery of the branches against the sky; there are wild open spaces when you are tired of symmetry, with their single elm & thorn trees, & their brambles & their bogs. "So wild — so free — so stately — so mediaeval:" Such is the praise that you must give, & give willingly, but there is no residue that remains unexpressed for lack of the fitting word. (PA 363)    

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