Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Colour Spirals: December 15, 2015

Photo courtesy of Bernadette Longo
When I first went into Sickert's show, said one of the diners, I became completely and solely an insect—all eye. I flew from colour to colour, from red to blue, from yellow to green. Colours went spirally through my body lighting a flare as if a rocket fell through the night and lit up greens and browns, grass and trees, and there in the grass a white bird. Colour warmed, thrilled, chafed, burnt, soothed, fed and finally exhausted me. For though the life of colour is a glorious life it is a short one. Soon the eye can hold no more; it shuts itself in sleep.

“Walter Sickert” E6 (38)

December 15, 1933,  Woolf dines withClive Bell  to meet Walter Sickert and wife

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