Sunday, December 6, 2015

A Green Brush: December 6, 2015

"Birth of Venus" by Laken Bridges
The seasons
The Skull
 The gradual dissolution of everything
this is to be contrasted wi the permanence of – what?
Sun, moon & stars.
Hopeless gulfs of misery.
The War.
Change. Oblivion. Human vitality.  Old woman
Cleaning up. The bobbed up, valorous, as of a principle
Of human life projected
We are handed on by our children?
Shawls and shooting caps. A green handled brush.
The devouringness of nature
But all the time, this passes, accumulates
The welter of winds & waves
What then is the medium through wh. We regard human beings?
To the Lighthouse,  Holograph Draft, Appendix B

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