Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Thinking Peace into Existence: October 21, 2015

Woolf's Bedroom at Monk's House
The Germans were over this house last night and the night before that.  Here they are again. It is a queer experience, lying in the dark and listening to the zoom of a hornet which may at any moment sting you to death. It is a sound that interrupts cool and consecutive thinking about peace. Yet it is a sound--far more than prayers and anthems--that should compel one to think about peace. Unless we can think peace into existence we---not this one body in this one bed but millions of bodies yet to be born--will lie in the same darkness and hear the same death rattle overhead. Let us think what we can do to create the only efficient air-raid shelter while the guns on the hill go pop pop pop and the searchlights finger the clouds and now and then, sometimes close at hand, sometimes far away, a bomb drops.

“Thoughts on Peace in an Air-Raid”  (E6  242)
Pub. October 21, 1940 in The New Republic

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