Thursday, October 8, 2015

Beaten at Bowls: October 7, 2015

Box of bowls balls at Monk's House
October 6, 1939

Also, there’s the war: or rather the non-war.  Nothing happens.  All is held up.  Nightly we’re served out with a few facts, or a childstory of the adventures of a submarine. . . .  I sitting on Kingston Hill & watching the destroying clouds point like a great feathered grey blue wing over the channel.  Suddenly the rain bursts & I dash home: a great evening, & bowls with L. I’m beaten.  I compose articles on Lewis Carroll & read a great variety of books – Falubert’s life, R.’s lectures, out at last, a life of Erasmus & Jacques Blanche.

 (D5 240)

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