Friday, October 23, 2015

Prophesizing Room: October 23, 2015

Flower Box at Newnham
October 23, 1929

I will here sum up my impressions before publishing a Room of One’s Own.  It is a little ominous that Morgan wont review it.  It makes me suspect that there is a shrill feminine tone in it which my intimate friend will dislike.  I forecast, then, that I shall get no criticism, except of the evasive jocular kind, from Lytton, Roger & Morgan; that the press will be kind & talk of its charm, & sprightliness; also I shall be attacked for a feminist & hinted at for a sapphist; Sybil will ask me to luncheon; I shall get a good many letters from young women.  I am afraid it will not be taken seriously.  (D3 262)

A Room of One’s Own was published on October 24, 1929

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