Friday, October 9, 2015

Setting Prelude: October 9, 2015

Photo courtesy of Craig Sargent
Dawn came sharp and chill with red clouds on a faint green sky and drops of water on every leaf and blade. A breeze blew over the garden, dropping dew and dropping petals, shivered over the drenched paddocks, and was lost in the sombre bush. In the sky some tiny stars floated for a moment and then they were gone–they were dissolved like bubbles. And plain to be heard in the early quiet was the sound of the creek in the paddock running over the brown stones, running in and out of the sandy hollows, hiding under clumps of dark berry bushes, spilling into a swamp of yellow water flowers and cresses.

Katherine Mansfield, The Prelude (Part 5) 
October 9, 1917, Woolf records pulling the first page of the proof of K.M.'s story.

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