Monday, July 27, 2015

Pinka: July 26, 2015

Painting of Pinka hanging in Monk's House

It is to poetry, alas, that we have to trust for our most detailed description of Flush himself as a young dog.  He was of that particular shade of dark brown which in sunshine flashes "all over into gold."  His eyes were "startled eyes of hazel bland."  His ears were "tasselled"; his "slender feet" were "canopied in fringes" and his tail was broad.  Making allowance for the exigencies of rhyme and the inaccuracies of poetic diction, there is nothing here but what would meet with the approval of the Spaniel Club.  We cannot doubt that Flush was a pure-bred Cocker of the red variety marked by all the characteristic excellences of his kind.

On July 26, 1926, Vita gave Pinka to Virginia and Leonard

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