Thursday, July 2, 2015

Beginning The Waves: July 2, 2015

The light struck upon the trees in the garden, making one leaf transparent and then another.  One bird chirped high up; there was a pause; another chirped lower down.  The sun sharpened the walls of the house, and rested like the tip of a fan upon a white blind and made a blue fingerprint of shadow under the leaf by the bedroom window,  The blind stirred slightly, but all within was dim and unsubstantial.  The birds sang their bleak melody outside.

"The leaves are gathered round the window like pointed ears," said Susan

The Waves (3, 4)
View out of Woolf's bedroom window, Monk's House

According to the holograph MS, Woolf begin the first draft of The Waves on July 2, 1929.

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  1. The Waves is my favorite book, so beautiful written :)