Friday, July 24, 2015

Enough Love: July 23, 2015

Now Flush knew what men can never know--love pure, love simple, love entire; love that brings no train of care in its wake; that has no shame; no remorse; that is here, that is gone, as the bee on the flower is here and is gone.  Today the flower is a rose, tomorrow a lily; now it is the wild thistle on the moor, now the pouched and portentous orchid of the conservatory.  So variously, so carelessly Flush embraced the spotted spaniel down the alley, and the brindled dog and the yellow dog--it did not matter which.  To Flush it was all the same.  He followed the horn wherever the horn blew and the wind wafted it. Love was all; love was enough.

Flush (119) 

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