Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Leaving the House: September 1, 2015

A moment later the light had faded. Out in the garden then? But the trees spun darkness for a wandering beam of sun. So fine, so rare, coolly sunk beneath the surface the beam I sought always burnt behind the glass. Death was the glass; death was between us; coming to the woman first, hundreds of years ago, leaving the house, sealing all the windows; the rooms were darkened. He left it, left her, went North, went East, saw the stars turned in the Southern sky; sought the house, found it dropped beneath the Downs. "Safe, safe, safe," the pulse of the house beat gladly."The Treasure yours."

"A Haunted House"
(CSF 122-3)

On September 1, 1919, the Woolves made the move from Asham to Monk's House.

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