Wednesday, September 2, 2015

How Strange--Flowers: September 2, 2015

I was walking down the path with Lydia.  If this dont stop, I said, referring to the bitter taste in my mouth& the pressure like a wire cage of sound over my head, then I am ill: yes, very likely I am destroyed, diseased. dead.  Damn it!  Here I fell down -- saying "How strange -- flowers."  In scraps I felt & knew myself carried into the sitting room by Maynard, saw L. look very frightened; said I will go upstairs, the drumming of my heart, the pain, the effort got violent at the doorstep; overcame me; like gas; I was unconscious; then the wall & the picture returned to my eyes; I saw life again.

September 2, 1930
(D3 315)

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