Sunday, January 24, 2016

What Would Virginia Think? January 24, 2016

"Evidence"  -- Color Reduction Woodcut
Jan 24th [1917]
     We had a very remarkable Guild meeting last night, which I must tell you about.  A speaker [Mrs Bessie Ward] from the Civil Liberty Council, lectured us upon Venereal Diseases, and oral risks for our sons.  I felt htat the audience was queer, and as no one spoke, I got up and thanked her, whereupon two women left the room, and I saw that another gigantic fat one was in tears.  However, the all went, except Mrs. Langston who told the lecturer it was a most cruel speech, and only a childless women could have made it, "for we mothers try to forget what our sons have to go through."  Then she began to cry.  Did you ever hear such -- nonsense it seems to me.

(L2 138-9)

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