Sunday, January 31, 2016

Unfurling: January 31, 2016

Photo by Sue Watts
'Here are gilt chairs in the empty, the expectant rooms, and flowers, stiller, statelier, than flowers that grow, spread green, spread white, against the walls.  And on one small table is one bound book.  This is what I have dreamt; this is what I have foretold.  I am native here.  I tread naturally on thick carpets. I slide easily on smooth-polished floors, I now begin to unfurl, in this scent, in this radiance, as a fern when its curled leaves unfurl.  I stop.  I take stock of this world.  I look among the groups of unknown people.  Among the lustrous green, pink, pearl- grey women stand upright the bodies of men.  They are black and white; they are grooved beneath their clothes with deep rills.

Jinny in The Waves (73)

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