Friday, January 22, 2016

Death Lilies: January 22, 2016

For some days now wreaths had been piled one on top of another on the hall table. In the dimness--all the blinds were drawn--the flowers gleamed; and the hall smelt with the amorous intensity of a hot-house. Wreath after wreath, they kept arriving. There were lilies with broad bars of gold in them; others with spotted throats sticky with honey; white tulips, white lilac--flowers of all kinds, some with petals as thick as velvet, others transparent, paper-thin; but all white, and clubbed together, head to head, in circles, in ovals, in crosses so that they scarcely looked like flowers. Black-edged cards were attached to them.
The Years (78-9)

January 22, 1897: Diamond Jubilee; January 22, 1901: Queen Victoria dies

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