Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Palace of Comfort: August 5, 2015

Lodge at Monk's House
Far the pleasantest memories, standing out like green weed on some civet grey pond, were the week ends here [at Monk's House]: the divine fresh week ends, with the hay cutting & the lights lambent; Leonard's new room, Hedgehog Hall a-building, & my lodge being made into the palace of comfort which it now is.  For I am now sitting here, oppressed by the Bank holiday atmosphere which gets into the wild country air, the lonely marshes, & makes the village seem smug and suburban,  The girls and men are playing stool ball; Leonard and Percy are making a pipe conduct water into the Pond.  It is a chocolate brown and lived in by small fish.

August 5, 1929 (D3 238)

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