Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lily Pond: August 6, 2015

Lily Pond at Monk's House
The scullery maid, before the plates came out, was cooling her cheeks by the lily pond.

There had always been lilies there, self-sown from wind-dropped seed, floating red and white on the green plates of their leaves. Water, for hundreds of years, had silted down into the hollow, and lay there four or five feet deep over a black cushion of mud. Under the thick plate of green water, glazed in their self-centred world, fish swam--gold, splashed with white, streaked with black or silver.  Silently they manoeuvred in their water world, poised in the blue patch made by the sky, or shot silently to the edge where the grass, trembling, made a fringe of nodding shadow.  On the water-pavement spiders printed their delicate feet.  A grain fell and spiralled down; a petal fell, filled and sank.  At that the fleet of boat-shaped bodies paused; poised; equipped; mailed; then with a waver of undulation off they flashed.
Between the Acts (29)

Woolf registered trying to write about a lily pond  in Pointz Hall on Aug 4, 1938  (D5 159)

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