Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Sweeter Air: Aug 20, 2015

Not Southerwood, but sweet-smelling native plants in Santa Fe
There's a sweeter air outside-- how spicy, even on a still day, after the house-- and bushes of verbena and southernwood yield a leaf as one passes to be crushed and smelt. If we could see also what we can smell-- if, at this moment crushing the southernwood, I could go back through the long corridor of sunny mornings, boring my way through hundreds of Augusts, I should come in the end, passing a host of less-important figures, to no less a person than Queen Elizabeth herself. Whether some tinted waxwork is the foundation of my view, I do not know; but she always appears very distinctly in the same guise. She flaunts across the terrace superbly and a little stiffly like the peacock spreading its tail. 


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