Sunday, July 12, 2015

Talland House View: July 12, 2015

View from Talland House in 2002 and 2012
And then just opposite the Lookout place a great square oatmeal coloured hotel appeared when we came down in July.  My mother said, with her dramatic gestures, that the view was spoilt; that St. Ives would be ruined.  For all these reasons, then, a house agent's board appeared one October in our gardens; and as it needed repainting, I was allowed to fill in some of the letters -- This House to Let -- from a pot of paint.  The joy of painting mingled with the dread of leaving.

"A Sketch of the Past"
(MOB 136)

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  1. This view will be obliterated if Cornish Council approves a construction plan it will consider on July 14, 2015. Get details on the plan and how to protest it at this link: