Friday, July 3, 2015

In Memorium--Mary Warner Mack: July 3, 2015

Mark Warner Mack (d. July 3, 2014) among the bluebells in Monk's House Garden, May 2012. 
All of this made a kind of happy jumble in my brain, together with the store of old fashioned chairs and tables, glass & furniture with which every inch of room space is crowded; I came back and told my story as quietly as I could, & next day L. & I went together and made a thorough inspection.  He was pleased beyond his expectation.  The truth is he has the making of a fanatical lover of that garden.  It suits me very well, too, to ramble off among the Telscombe downs, when fine; or tread out my paces up the path & across the lawn when dark or wind blown.

July 3, 1919
(D1 287)

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