Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Coloured Dust: July 8, 2015

"Corn Dance for Brett" Color-reduction woodcut and monotype (2015)
My dear Brettt [sic],
  (forgive the typewriter which has already converted your name into another -- but my hand is grown cursed and crabbed)  I am a wretch to have delayed writing -- but if you live so far away a month or more cant make any difference.  I was delighted to get your letter and to breathe for a moment the very brilliant queer air in which you live [New Mexico].  . . . I looked into your book [Lawrence and Brett: A Friendship] and shut it; I can't get hold of Lawrence; I like and I dislike; and always feel it is a puzzle that I must sit down to one of these days, honestly; to read him through.  But at present when there's so much coloured dust about his horizon I leave him there."

Letter to Dorothy Brett, July 8, 1933
(L5 201-2)

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