Thursday, July 16, 2015

Sorrow at Land's End: July 16, 2015

Land's End, Cornwall
And what can this sorrow be?

It is brewed by the earth itself. It comes from the houses on the coast. We start transparent, and then the cloud thickens. All history backs our pane of glass. To escape is vain.

But whether this is the right interpretation of Jacob's gloom as he sat naked, in the sun, looking at the Land's End, it is impossible to say; for he never spoke a word. Timmy sometimes wondered (only for a second) whether his people bothered him.... No matter. There are things that can't be said. Let's shake it off. Let's dry ourselves, and take up the
first thing that comes handy....

Only half a sentence followed; but these half-sentences are like flags set on tops of buildings to the observer of external sights down below.  What was the coast of Cornwall, with its violet scents, and mourning emblems, and tranquil piety, but a screen happening to hang straight behind as his mind marched up?
(JR 48-9)

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