Saturday, June 13, 2015

Nocturnal Hyacinths; June 13, 2015

Now most young women of our way of life have specialized in this branch of learning.  Their  evenings are more important to them than their mornings. -- indeed I find it hard to conceive of them in the morning.  Do they in truth exist before the clock strikes eight?  My private belief is that the dinner bell calls them into existence -- they spring up all over the drawing room like hyacinths in June.  By daybreak they are faded -- a little crumpled perhaps -- never mind -- they fold themselves to sleep -- to wake once more when the sun is set.

"Thoughts Upon Social Success" (1903)
(PA 167-8)


  1. Lovely quote, Elisa. Provocative.

  2. It goes on.. Always has reminded me of story of Twelve Dancing Princesses.