Monday, June 1, 2015

Meeting GS: June 1, 2015

We were at a party at Edith Sitwell's last night, where a good deal of misery was endured.  . . . It was in honor of Miss Gertrude Stein who was throned on a broken settee (all Edith's furniture is derelict, to make up for which she is stuck about with jewels like a drowned mermaiden.) This resolute lady inflicted great damage on all the youth.  According to Dadie, she contradicts all you say; insists that she is not only the most intelligible but also the most popular of living writers...
“Lying under the entire weight of Gertrude Stein,”  by Suzanne Bellamy-  "This commemorates the meeting and Woolf’s assessment of the MS of The Making of Americans, which was considered too big for the Hogarth Press to print. As we know, they did print Composition As Explanation as a Hogarth essay. VW made many jokes in letters and diary about Stein’s weight, breaking a chair at Edith Sitwell’s house where they met, and the weight of the work.
Letter to Vanessa Bell
June 2, 1926  (L3 269-70)

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