Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Teaching Keats: September 30, 2015

For Keats lived up the lane in a little white house behind wooden palings.  Nothing has been much changed since his day.  But as we enter the house in which Keats lived, some mournful shadow seems to fall across the garden.  A tree has fallen and lies propped,  Waving branches cast their shadows up and down over the flat white walls of the house.  Here, for all the gaiety and serenity of the neighborhood, the nightingale sang; here, if anywhere, fever and anquish had their dwelling and paced this little green plot oppressed with the sense of quick-coming death and the shortness of life and the passion of love and its misery.

The London Scene (27)

On September 30, 1907, the 25-year old Virginia Stephens began adult education at Morley College with a lecture on Keats (L1 313)

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