Sunday, September 27, 2015

On Being Ill: September 27, 2015

Photo courtesy of Sue Watts
I am in bed with influenza’—but what does that convey of the great experience; how the world has changed its shape; the tools of business grown remote; the sounds of festival become romantic like a merry-go-round heard across far fields; and friends have changed, some putting on a strange beauty, others deformed to the squatness of toads, while the whole landscape of life lies remote and fair, like the shore seen from a ship far out at sea, and he is now exalted on a peak and needs no help from man or God, and now grovels supine on the floor glad of a kick from a housemaid.

"On Being Ill"  1926
(E4 319) 

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  1. She's certainly captured the swings of mind during a nasty bout of flu. Nicely done. Thanks.