Sunday, November 8, 2015

Printing Kew: November 7, 2015

School girls at Tropical House, Kew

Imagine six little girls sitting before their easels twenty years ago, down by the side of a lake, painting the water-lilies, the first red water-lilies I'd ever seen. And suddenly a kiss, there on the back of my neck. And my hand shook all the afternoon so that I couldn't paint. I took out my watch and marked the hour when I would allow myself to think of the kiss for five minutes only--it was so precious--the kiss of an old grey-haired woman with a wart on her nose, the mother of all my kisses all my life.
(CSF 91) 

November 8, 1918  Kew Gardens begins to be set up on press at Hogarth House  (D1 216)

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