Monday, February 15, 2016

The Fairy Found: February 15, 2016

Lost Boat, Round Pond, Kensington Gardens
Oh astounding event !!! “The Fairy” has been restored to terra firma and to the joy of her youthful owner.  It happened thus.  Miss Virginia Stephen accompanied by the paterfamilias and her brother and sister visited the little pond last Wednesday having the intention to sail their miniature crafts. As it happened that day 2 men were weeding the pond and consequently the boats often stuck in the many weeds which were drawn to the surface.  While the owners stood watching Miss Virginia Stephen observed in the punt or boat in which were the men her own favorite “The Fairy” lying in the punt. She quickly told the parkkeeper who called in the punt and “The Fairy” was quickly restored to her rightful owner.

Hyde Park Gate News
Monday, February 15, 1892 (34)

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